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The Views Framework project can be accelerated with your support

You can help move Views and Framework forward by purchasing products and subscriptions listed below. Communicate with us directly by e-mail or phone about other ways to contribute and get involved, especially if you skilled in the following areas: Programming and web design, technical writing, blogging, editing and electronic publishing. We are looking for specific expertise in semiconductor layout and asynchronous delay-insensitive standard-cells and PDK cell development. e-mail to our contact link above and feel free to communicate about related issues.

Subscriptions and Products

The web hosting and service packages we provide can be mixed and matched for you needs. They include

* web hosted cloud computing server development accounts with support for client side hardware based secure access, sharing and collaboration.
* web-based commerce hosting range for the minimal business to large inventories with massive database search capabilities as well as
* special features such as high resolution magnifier that minimizes intense traffic, load balancing and ultra fast setup, all with myriad of standard web based services such as calendars with mail and mobile automated group notifications and more.

Today's computers and mobile devices present a number of critical if not painful problems to their designers, makers and most important, their users. They are designed as "consuming devices" intended to maximize the cost of using them by restricting their specifications to incompatible categories, requiring unnecessary complexity for controlling their inner workings and for using and programming them. At the same time they run too fast for the available mobile battery and electrical grid power, and way too slow to support a reasonable interface with reasonable I/O response time in typical usage of common applications.

What if a technology that can solves those problems and bring a paradigm shift in every aspect of computing already exists?What if some aspects, those that can be made to run on todays hardware, of that technology is already available and you can start using it, participate in its continuing development, and help bring it to market.

In fact such technology exists and you can start using it now with existing computers including the latest Microsoft offering, Windows 8 on x86 computers, which just became available today.

This site supports the development of Framework Views, a new PC-compatible, lower hardware and power requirements computing concept and architecture, that extends the x86 standard with inherent optimal parallelism.

It does it thanks to a new computing concept that replaces CPU arithmetic operations with logic paths that runs in new entities that unifies hardware and software and data. Those entities consists of memory-based finite state machine in software running on existing hardware, or, if we can raise enough money to build our own silicon design, of delay-path asynchronous channels that ultimately can replace the CPU and advance computing from the current serial-dependent arithmetic based to being inherently optimal and parallel. Such devices can replaced the fastest highest density central processing units while consuming only a fraction of the power, and using less silicon at a significant savings.

The same linguistic-based algorithms that enable the new architecture makes it possible to accelerate the mobilization of PC and high end workstation functionality.

Our design goals and intended positioning of the Views Framework inherent parallelism is to empower users by enabling them to control their devices, simplifying application development, secure total privacy by replacing vulnerable software with hardware, minimize dependency on service providers by increasing client size power, programmability and storage, and reduce cost by lowering the hardware requirement's of computing devices. Much of that can be achieved with current technology by packaging of the shelve parts and technologies managed by Views Framework and will become available on this site shortly.

Views Framework introduces a more efficient and simpler to use object-based programming concept that replaces object-oriented programming, enabling a more natural generic development environment that is corresponding to a more ergonomic user interface as well as the low level architectural logic elements which provide the actual digital processing. Those elements consists of state machines which are atomically generated on existing hardware memory. Our goal however is to bring to the market that exact design, generated by the same exact programming tools developed especially for that purpose, in end user products, as delay-path silicon channels in hardware devices that can operate in optimal parallelism. The benefits of replacing compiled code with memory based state machines on existing computers is significant in terms of power and speed
but implementing the same algorithms as a silicon architecture represent paradigm shift in computing functionality, power reduction and cost.

Our goal is to raise enough money to accelerate the Views Framework development, release newer versions of existing software that can also run on mobile devices, and eventually bring to the market devices that are based first on programmable logic devices and eventually original silicon based on the Framework Views technology. To that extent we will be offering various unique products as well as improvement on standard web services at very competitive pricing. Our goal is to can move forward with the development as fast as the income we can generated will allow.

Feel free to register with the site so we can update you on developments by e-mail. We value ideas and will respond to suggestions and inquiries as well as to those interested in collaboration in any areas that touches on what we do and please back up our development of Views Framework by ordering our listed products and web services.