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The Views Framework project can be accelerated with your support

You can help move Views and Framework forward by purchasing products and subscriptions listed below. Communicate with us directly by e-mail or phone about other ways to contribute and get involved, especially if you skilled in the following areas: Programming and web design, technical writing, blogging, editing and electronic publishing. We are looking for specific expertise in semiconductor layout and asynchronous delay-insensitive standard-cells and PDK cell development. e-mail to our contact link above and feel free to communicate about related issues.

Subscriptions and Products

The web hosting and service packages we provide can be mixed and matched for you needs. They include

* web hosted cloud computing server development accounts with support for client side hardware based secure access, sharing and collaboration.
* web-based commerce hosting range for the minimal business to large inventories with massive database search capabilities as well as
* special features such as high resolution magnifier that minimizes intense traffic, load balancing and ultra fast setup, all with myriad of standard web based services such as calendars with mail and mobile automated group notifications and more.

The views-Framework concept is aiming at a fundamental transformation of computing. A transformation that is aiming at first minimizing and eventually leaving behind central processing, arithmetic computing, and asynchronous semiconductor architecture by replacing it all with electronic language machines. While building such machines is currently possible using RAM-based technique available with current CPU systems, eliminating the central processing can takes gradual steps building new tools while increasing efficiency of exiting technologies.
In that context reducing the current distinction between hardware and software increases correspondence between logic and electronic paths with significan tincrease in efficiency.
Achieving the full target is possible with existing SDK (2012) but requires new EDA tools, primarily asynchronous delay-insensitive layout System-c -compatible compiler extensions specifically designed to context paths, core definitions and automated state-machine-generation of the views-Framework architecture.