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The Views Framework project can be accelerated with your support

You can help move Views and Framework forward by purchasing products and subscriptions listed below. Communicate with us directly by e-mail or phone about other ways to contribute and get involved, especially if you skilled in the following areas: Programming and web design, technical writing, blogging, editing and electronic publishing. We are looking for specific expertise in semiconductor layout and asynchronous delay-insensitive standard-cells and PDK cell development. e-mail to our contact link above and feel free to communicate about related issues.

Subscriptions and Products

The web hosting and service packages we provide can be mixed and matched for you needs. They include

* web hosted cloud computing server development accounts with support for client side hardware based secure access, sharing and collaboration.
* web-based commerce hosting range for the minimal business to large inventories with massive database search capabilities as well as
* special features such as high resolution magnifier that minimizes intense traffic, load balancing and ultra fast setup, all with myriad of standard web based services such as calendars with mail and mobile automated group notifications and more.

This site: The Views Framework Computing Architecture & Software Platform

Today's computers and mobile devices present a number of critical if not painful problems to their designers, makers and most important, their users. They are designed as "consuming devices" intended to maximize the cost of using them by restricting their specifications to incompatible categories, requiring unnecessary complexity for controlling their inner workings and for using and programming them.

The Views Operating System Back Compatibility Considerations

Views is a new and unique operating system and applications concept. It designed to utilized multiple processing channels simultaneously (as in concurrently, or "in parallel") running code compiled with current compilers without any overhead that current CPU based operating systems must dedicate to resource and dependency management of parallel processing.

The End of Moore's Law

The End of Moore's Law
The Unnecessary Cost of Keeping up With Moore's Law and the alternative.

Density and speed, a curse or a bliss? Is there is good reason for the fact that every central processing unit and digital processing device in every computing and communication device in existence are made by a hand full companies who dictate every aspect of their products positioning in the market. Don't believe it? The physical size and other aspects of every computer you have ever used were dictated by its CPU maker.


Framework is a unified computing architecture encompassing an operating system, API, GUI, applications, interactive programmability, RTOS sensor handling and information management. It is developed and maintained as unified semiconductor and software design which runs with the help of simulation and virtualization on other operating systems. Framework's hardware design aim is are providing full hardware-based computing basic functionality with no additional software with the ability to run x86 programs.